Niche Social Networks
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App Marketing Using Niche Advertising Methods

App Marketing Using Niche Advertising Methods | Niche Social Networks |
Niche networks are more nimble than the giants, and often devote resources to newer, more creative approaches to monetization and advertising. Search boxes allow app developers to monetize their apps with search. Most users tend to block out banners and loud ads, so newer advertising approaches are discovering new ways to integrate ads into apps and software.
Peg Corwin's insight:

Key question for niche network advertising - How specific is your audience?

- Can you reach that audience more effectively through a niche advertising solution?
- Do the benefits of niche solutions outweigh the benefits of one of the giant networks?
- Do you want to use the same platform to monetize and promote?


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Niche Social Networks
How to start and monetize niche social networks.  Details on
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